CAP College, a pioneer in Distance Education in the Philippines, opened in June 1988. It was patterned after the "open university" concept of education which is already well-established and widely accepted in more advanced countries of Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States and Asia. With its non-traditional delivery of instruction which is duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education. CAP College has brought new alternatives, new hopes and new opportunities to Filipinos here and abroad. It is one of the few institutions offering the unique opportunity for Filipinos to earn college degrees without "going to school".

Since its inception in 1988, CAP College has developed new innovations to continuously improve its instructional delivery system. It has integrated new technological advancements that may be able to enhance the current system.

Now, CAP College is proud to present CAP COLLEGE ON THE WEB. The newest technology that CAP College has to offer its students.

On-line Inventory System.